What’s new in Forms | Mar 2024
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Over the past 3 months, Forms has rolled out several new features spanning from form creation to data analysis, enhancing the experience for both authors and respondents. Additionally, we've introduced a new method to assist users in migrating from Google Forms to Microsoft Forms. Let's explore these features together.  


Forms data sync to Excel 

New responses will be synced to your Excel workbook in real-time, allowing you to keep working on your existing spreadsheet without missing a beat. With just one click, you can easily access all your form responses in Excel for the web and take advantage of Excel’s rich functions to analyze and visualize your data.  


Forms data sync to ExcelForms data sync to Excel

Practice mode 

Whether you are in business or education, practice mode provides a new way for responders to review, test, and reinforce information. In practice mode, responders can learn at their own pace, get instant feedback after answering each question, try multiple times and get recaps after they finish the practice. 


Practice modePractice mode

The Forms app

You can now create surveys and forms with just a few clicks from the Forms app! Within the Forms app, you will enjoy the same experience as on the Forms website. You can create forms/quizzes, choose question options from AI suggestions and select from a variety of themes. Once you finish creating your form you can quickly distribute it directly from the app.

Note: Currently, the Forms app requires an internet connection, so you can’t use it offline.


The Forms appThe Forms app

Disable the question number 

The question number can be disabled in the settings to fit a specific scenario, such as a holiday RSVP. This will create a more relaxed tone for responders, eliminating the sense of filling out a business survey. 


Disable the question numberDisable the question number

Google forms to Microsoft forms migration 

Administrators now have the capability to bulk migrate Google Forms to Microsoft Forms via the Microsoft 365 admin center, especially important to those users transitioning from Google's platform. Once migrated, users can access their transferred forms conveniently on the Forms website. 


Google form migrationGoogle form migration

Pre-fill link 

A pre-fill link will be available soon in Forms to allow you to populate certain fields in the form with predefined responses. This can be particularly useful for streamlining data entry processes, reducing user effort, and ensuring consistency in responses. 


Pre-fill linkPre-fill link

Choose a template and try these features here. 

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