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Ultimate Polling and Quiz Experience with Polls app: The Replacement for Forms app in Teams meeting
Published Feb 06 2023 01:13 AM 54.5K Views

Initially Forms app was launched in Teams - for different experiences based on the sync vs async user scenarios, as it points to polling experience in meetings for quick creation to launch, while it points to survey experience in the context of Teams channel. To provide an intuitive and easy-to-access experience, Polls app was launched - a dedicated app for all your polling and quiz needs in Teams meeting and chat. We are glad to see that hosting an effective and interactive meeting just got easier after the launch of Polls.


Why Use Polls?

By using Polls, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Dedicated Solution: With a dedicated app for polling and quizzes, you can focus on what matters most – gathering information accurately and efficiently.
  • Dynamic Experience: Enjoy a dynamic user experience with animations in voting process and result views.
  • Better Engagement: Engage with attendees with various poll types - Word Cloud, Multiple Choice, Rating, Ranking and Image support. 


How to add Polls app?

Please refer to this blog for detailed instruction - Polls in Teams meeting (


What Happens to Forms app?

Polling experience of Forms app in Teams meeting & chat scenarios will be gradually replaced by Polls app. Eventually Forms app will be dedicated to providing an improved survey experience across Teams.All existing polling data and features in Forms app will still be kept and supported in Polls app. 


How to Transfer from Forms to Polls?

No additional actions are required. Your polls and response data in Forms app will be automatically synced to Polls app. All you have to do is add the Polls app to your existing or upcoming meetings/chats, and you're ready to go.


Please feel free to leave comments in this blog if you have any questions! 


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