Microsoft forms File Upload bugged, permanently spinning

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I'm currently trying upload a file using the File Upload tool in Microsoft Forms. Every time it gets stuck while uploading. 


It will stay on this screen indefinitely. I have tried this over multiple user accounts and tenants and I can't find any reference to this problem online. It will create a folder in OneDrive or SharePoint for the file uploads but it will never get past the pending upload screen.


Has anyone ever experienced this before? 



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Hi @ReubenH9383 


Haven't personally experienced this but maybe try deleting that question and add in a new Upload question and see if it does the trick?


It may trigger the form to update and correct whatever hinderence is happening in the background.


Cheers and best wishes


@Damien Rosario 




Yes I have removed the question and readded it. I have also created multiple forms over multiple tenants. I get the same result every time.



Hi @ReubenH9383 


Sounds like a Microsoft Support ticket to me as it's so widespread. 


Out of curiousity, does anyone in your org have the issue if they create a form with Upload?


Good luck!


@ReubenH9383 I am also having the same issue with a select number of users. It sounds to be a widespread issue and I hope Microsoft resolves soon!

@ReubenH9383Same issue here, now 1 month after the last confirmation of the same issue.  

It seems to be a relatively new and widespread bug in Microsoft Forms.
I would get a support ticket with Microsoft to solve this issue.
I hope your problem gets solved as early as possible.

We are now seeing this exact issue with Forms on our tenant, as well. Did anyone ever get a support ticket logged for this? @Abigail05