How do i add attachments from Microsoft Forms onto Sharepoint List

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I have been trying to follow the video on how to add attachments from forms to sharepoint list but i am not doing something right as i keep getting this error. 


Any help will be welcome. Thank you




This is the make up of my flow






On the Parse Json - i am not sure what to add here - i copied and pasted the schema provided



    "items": {
        "properties": {
            "name": {
            "link": {
            "id": {
            "type": {},
            "size": {
            "referenceId": {
            "driveId": {
            "status": {
            "uploadSessionUrl": {}
        "required": [




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Don't use a template to build this flow which will put in that first apply to each which is not needed and usually causes problems. Build it from new going straight from When a new response is submitted to get response details.

Thank you so much. I am going try it now. It worked like a bomb.... You are freaking super awesome .... Thank you soooooo much