Microsoft Forms: Ranking question type calculation methodology

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What methodology is used in determining the results of a Ranking question type? I believe I have ruled out Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) but would like to know for sure the methodology.

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@Kimberly_Huffman i dont know the official name, but i like to think of it as points.  Eg you have 5 items to rank. And 3 people do the ranking:


A, B, C, D, E

A, C, D, E, B

C, A, B, D, E


Position 1 gets 5 points, position 5 gets 1 point.  So add it up

A=14 points

B = 8

C = 12

D = 7

E = 4


So the ordering in the results page should show A as the winner, C as 2nd place, etc etc

While we order by total points, the bars are colored appropriately so you can see the breakdown within that score


Hope this makes sense!