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Can we use MS form like kobo toolbox form?
Or its just online survey form?
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Hi @Bipin91

By definition it sounds quite different

KoBo Toolbox is a free open-source tool for mobile data collection, available to all. It allows you to collect data in the field using mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, as well as with paper or computers.

Microsoft Forms (formerly Office Forms) is an online survey creator, part of Office 365.

Since Kobo is principally around creating forms and analysing data it is actually similar. Whereas at first glance you would think that Forms doesn’t do all the data analysis that Kobo does, you could actually use Power Automate and Power BI alongside Forms for the analytics. Forms does have some analytics built in but it is still a young app and has some way to go.

I would recommend giving Forms a go and seeing if you can achieve what you need. It’s come a long way in a year and it’s going to be a tremendous app in the Microsoft 365 portfolio

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris