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I created a 100 question form with pictures!  It was working perfectly.  Then I had to change the structure of every question, so I used copy and paste to make things quicker and during this process, I got the dreaded sorry, something has gone wrong error.  Could this have corrupted the form because it thought there was a duplicate question when I would paste?  Ever since this there are 2 major problems.  Whenever I try to edit the form, I will intermittently get this error.  Also every question has a picture and now randomly a questions picture either won't load or the picture is really zoomed in, if I try to delete the picture and re-upload it, i get the sorry something went wrong error.  Do I have to start a new form??


 I'm not sure if it is related but I also switched to using a mac from windows when this problem started.  But the problem still happens now on Windows.  I also just created a new test form using one of the pictures and I'm seeing the same problem happening.  I'm using chrome on the mac, latest version and was using chrome on windows.  



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Hi Mateu


If you are having ongoing issues, best to log a support ticket with Microsoft for assistance.


I've personally found that sometimes it doesn't display the images right when editing the form, but when you preview it shows it just fine.


Anyway I visited the link you provided and saw this:


Looks ok to meLooks ok to me

I am curious, did the background of the DO NOT USE text and image change colour automatically when you uploaded the image, or did you choose that colour?