What causes sync'd excel to miss Forms responses?

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Hi All - 


I'm having trouble with seeing all responses in a sync'd excel sheet. I created a "New Group Form," tested it out, and confirmed that when people respond to the form, my sync'd excel will update in real time (~ish), which is perfect. I would like to use this form indefinitely to replace a process that is currently very manual. But now after a couple weeks of success, I'm missing two responses. I have earlier responses, I have later responses, so the form didn't completely unsync. 


I've read through the microsoft troubleshooting, but it doesn't have a ton of details...

  • Excel workbook is corrupt - doesn't seem to be.
  • Excel workbook is too large - nope, under the limit. 
  • Excel workbook is locked or checked out - we're not requiring anyone who might have access to the excel to do this; is this something that could happen by accident that would temporarily prevent synching? 
  • Excel workbook has been manually edited - well, in my case, to not edit the excel workbook at all would defeat the point, but I've edited sync'd excels from forms before with no issues. Anybody know more specifically what editing actions will cause issues? 
  • Excel workbook is IRM protected - presumably this would prevent it from ever synching again, and wouldn't be a temporary problem. 

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe some of the responses contained characters that break the synch - is that even possible? 


Any help is welcome. 


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What makes you believe that you lost two responses during the Excel sync? Do you see the responses in the Response view on the form page but cannot find them in Excel? Did you try "Sync all responses to a new workbook"?

@Dingkun Xie Thanks for replying! Right, I can see responses in the Forms Responses view that are not in the Excel. The count in the workbook effectively goes 1, 2, 3, 6, 7. If I were to sync all responses to a new notebook, (which I did regularly during the testing phase of this form,) we would lose all the formatting and comments that make this excel legible to the people who need to view it. The people using the form are very invested in making sure it continues to work as expected, so if I can figure out what action made it temporarily skip synching, then I can tell them not to do that action and trust that they will follow instructions.


If I can't figure out what action caused the skip, my next best option is to create a second excel full of formulas to pull all the data out of the first excel, and format the second excel in a legible way. That way, if we need to resync the first notebook, the formatting doesn't need to be re-done. But obviously this option is a lot of extra work - it would be better if I could just tell them "don't do [thing]".


An alternative method is to use the URL below to download a local copy of the Excel workbook. You can then copy the missing responses from the local copy and insert them into your existing online workbook, which should prevent you from having to start over.