Group cancellation emails sent to everyone if one person cancels

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I work for a global organisation and manage MS bookings appointments.


We have come across a bug where if one person cancels on a group booking, every single user on the booking gets an email saying their booking has been cancelled. 


From the bookings website, we can see that everyone else's appointment is still in the system.


This obviously causes a lot of confusion for people and has happened numerous times in the last few months. Is there a fix for this? 


If not, we will have to move away to another solution.

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"If one person cancels on a group booking" -> is the person cancelling a staff member or a customer?

Let's take an example: In an appointment, there are 3 staff members and 5 customers.

If one of the staff members declines or cancels the appointment, then the appointment is canceled for everyone. All 8 members i.e., the 3 staff members and 5 customers in that appointment will receive a cancellation mail. The appointment will no longer be shown in the Bookings calendar. This is the expected behavior.

If one of the customers (say, Customer A) declines or cancels the appointment, then the appointment is canceled only for that customer A. The 3 staff members would get an email that customer A has canceled their appointment. Customer A would get an email that the appointment is cancelled for them. However, the other 4 customers will not get any email. The appointment would still exist on the Bookings calendar as well as on all the staff calendars.

Are you seeing a behavior different to this? If so, can you share more details of what you are observing? You can raise a support ticket with Microsoft so that we can help you quickly. You can refer to:

@Pratk hi, staff members don’t cancel appointments at our organisation and I’m the only admin user everyone else is just a viewer, and I haven’t cancelled any appointments.


what happens is that when a customer cancels their appointment,  then every other person on the appointment gets an email saying that their booking has been cancelled - their appointment hasn’t been cancelled as it’s still in MS bookings calendar however they get an email saying it has been cancelled.


this causes great confusion and I am not the only one reporting this, it seems it’s been going on since 2021 according to some other posts on this forum 



@cool-it-dude Bookings now honors the RSVP status of the attendees from their personal calendars. So if a staff member has declined a Bookings appointment, then also the event will get cancelled. It need not be a case of them cancelling the appointment explicitly.


Is it happening all the time? If yes, then it is likely that one of the staff members have auto-decline configured.


If it is intermittent can you please check if any of the staff members or declining the Bookings appointment from their Outlook calendar?


If none of these help, as mentioned in the previous reply, you can raise a support ticket with Microsoft so that we can help you quickly. You can refer to:






I am finding the same issue as others have mentioned regarding group cancellation emails if one person cancels or updates their participation in a meeting.  We are using Bookings to schedule on-line exams and when a student (customer) cancels or updates (reschedules) their participation in an exam, other students (customers) are receiving an exam cancellation email, which is really confusing and frustrating.  The black background screenshot is an example of what another customer received.  The exam booking still remains in Bookings for the student (customer) who received the email.  Sometimes the exam on my Teams calendar is cancelled as well (see the screenshot)- as the exam meeting administrator, I have not cancelled any exams to date.  My only solution has been to email the group immediately to let them know that it's not cancelled, but I'm always reacting to the situation after the fact.  Let's get this addressed please. 








@marklab977 Struggling with this same issue. I'm experimenting with unchecking the box in the Service -> Notifications settings to "Send a meeting invite to the customer, in addition to the confirmation email". I'm hoping that Bookings is just sending calendar invite updates anytime the meeting changes (cancel, resched) and it goes to everyone instead of just to the business. I'll come back and post if this resolves the issue. If it works for you, let me know.

I got Microsoft support to apply a fix to my booking calendar and it seems like they’ve resolved the issue
I got MS to apply a fix because our org has partner/premier support - seems OK for now

@cool-it-dudeCan you share what that fix was or who you talked with at MS?



Hi @cool-it-dude 


I am an independent advisor answering Bookings questions. Several users are experiencing the same issue. Can you share how it was fixed.


Much appreciated in advance.







@Teresa_Cyrus Hello Teresa, our issues with Microsoft Bookings persisted from April until the first week of June when it seemed to stop, through no apparent action of ours or Microsoft (that I know of).  The only evidence I have, that the problem disappeared, is that students stopped emailing to tell me that they had received a meeting (exam) cancellation email and, as a result, I didn't have to send out the near-daily email to tell people to ignore the exam cancellation email.  Unfortunately I won't know if the problem truly has been alleviated until fall 2023 when we will use Microsoft Bookings for another exam program.


Thank you for the update.




Hello! I'm having the same issue. How can i fix it

i don't have an answer yet.