Bookings with Me Links won't open with Chrome from OWA or Outlook mobile app

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Multiple users have confirmed this issue.  A bookings with me link is sent.  When link opened from Android Outlook App (my test was using a personal hotmail account) that has Chrome as the default browser, the link won't open and get the attached error.  If on the same phone, they open same link using Edge or Firefox or Duck Duck Go, it opens and they can then proceed.


Another external person I sent the link to was using a Windows laptop accessing the email using OWA and chrome and same issue, slightly different error.   If they opened link with Edge or Firefox, no issues.


Tried sending Bookings with Me links from 2 different users at our company, same issue.  Does not matter if bookings is Public or Private link, same issue. 

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I've been having this issue too. I couldn't find a way to send it to support so I just put it in the Feedback form instead. Didn't realize it was a Chrome issue.
In the process I also noticed that the 'View in Bookings' shows up in my confirmation when I'm an Admin, but as a person who is participating in the booking, I don't get that link. Seems like the person taking the meeting would DEFINITELY need an easy way to get to their Bookings page, especially considering the other big issue that the emails/appts don't show the customer details.
I was able to get around the error on my cellphone by signing out of my chrome browser (I always sync it for passwords etc) then when I opened the link again it opens. Can't really ask every person you send a meeting link to sign out of google or use Incognito though.