Bookings times showing 1 hour out

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I am seeing a problem in one tenant where the times on the public booking page are 1 hour in advance of the times set in a service.


It's similar to the issue described in this thread, but different enough that I thought I should start a new thread.


With the settings I usually use, which is to have "Always show time slots in business time zone" unticked then the times I create in the Service availability options (e.g. 09:00) are displayed on the booking page as 1 hour later (10:00), and the calendar invite for the booking comes through as 10:00.

If I tick the "Always show time slots in business time zone" option then the booking page displays correctly (09:00) but the invite comes through for 10:00.


I'm in the UK and time zone settings in both Outlook and MS Bookings are set to UTC+00:00. I'm guessing the issue is because of Daylight Saving Time but I can't find any fix.


Has anyone seen the same or know how to fix it?

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Hi @Geoff_Williams,


You may want to double check the Booking page's region and time settings and make sure that the right time zone is selected. If that is correct, try checking your settings on Microsoft via the little cogwheel on the top right of your screen on Bookings and going to Settings > Calendar > Work hours and location or going to the Staff page of your Booking page and selecting yourself and seeing if your work hours are correct.


If it isn't, it sounds like the time zone for whatever browser you are using may be off. I'm not sure about the technicalities behind it but I found this online and it may be beneficial to check out the solutions provided.

@haoduong you were spot on. I actually found it just before your message came through. The booking page time zone was set to (UTC) instead of (UTC +00:00 Dublin, Edinburg..). I think I missed it because it doesn't fit in the dialog box.