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Hello - is it possible to setup bookings for a specific date range? 


We're trying to setup services for Aug 1 - 10, 2022 ONLY. Right now the work around is to log in each day and edit the schedule policy to reduce the maximum lead time by one day (so services always end on the 10th). Is there a setting to set schedule for specific dates?

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Hi @J-RZL 


I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry.


Yes you can specify a date range for services.

  • Under Services | Availability Options, at the bottom of the screen, click the +Set different availability for a date range.
  • Deselect 'Default scheduling policy'
  • Update the time increments and lead time for this event.



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Thank you, @Teresa_Cyrus I followed these steps and still saw dates outside of Aug 1 - 10. I changed the General availability to "Not Bookable" and that did the trick. Thanks again for your help!

Hi Teresa, this works for some scenarios. But how about this one? I have a service that is offered different days of the week, different times from week to week. For instance, this week it is at 11am and 2pm on Wednesday but next week it is 11am and 7pm on Wednesday. Is that doable in Bookings?



I apologize for the delayed response.


Based on the image above, you are able to set multiple days and times.