Microsoft Bookings showing wrong times with "Always show time slots in business time zone" activated

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we have been using Microsoft Bookings for a while now. Recently, the wrong time slots are displayed when booking. When submitting the booking, this is also confirmed with an error message "Slot is not available". As soon as you uncheck "Always show time slots in business time zone" in the settings, the slots are displayed correctly. The time zone is set the same in Brookings and Outlook calendars and it worked bevor.



Here is "Always show time slots in business time zone" is activated. Bookings shows the wrong time for this service. 10:00 is not available.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-01 um 23.05.58.png


If you book the time, you get an error message, that the slot is not available.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-01 um 23.11.51.png






Same service, same time "Always show time slots in business time zone" is deactivated. Now the time for the service is correct.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-01 um 23.05.26.png




Thanks for help


Greetings Korinna

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@candy253 thank you for reporting this. Can you please confirm if the staff timezone and the booking page timezone are the same (at, under Booking page -> Region and timezone settings)?
... exact same problem here (same time zone as mentioned above, same settings). Also TSV export shows every booking 1 hour early (see also

@candy253 I am also seeing this issue. All site settings are correct, but in the scheduling interface there are additional "bad" times that should not be showing. Booking outside of the hours results in error "someone beat you to it, this time is no longer available".

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Update - I've fixed this by unchecking "always show time slots in the business time zone" in the region settings. Times are now reflected properly by availability. Must be a glitch with this setting in a recent update.

@ThomasSchwoerer agreed with you, i had un check it and all become normal, took me 24 hours to figure what is happening. 

@Ho5193 How's the TSV export on your side? With the option unchecked the booking works fine, but here the times in the export file are still one hour early.

@Bernhard Straub , the TSV file still remain with the time issue, i just generate the report.

Hello, I've had the same issue. Time Zone Brussels (same as Berlin, Amsterdam...)

Just to confirm that we are experiencing the same problems noted in this discussion.
The times showed up incorrectly on the booking site for the customers. The workaround to disable the checkbox for the timezone on the region settings page fixes this problem to some degree. Note that this means that the customer can then choose a timezone but the booking still ends up in the right place in your booking calendar.
All the times in the TSV file are still one hour early but this problem first occurred for us yesterday and a workaround for this could be to use a formula in Excel. For example if your results are one hour behind then convert the data into a table, create a new column and add this formula:


=[@[Date Time]]+(1/24)



@Bernhard Straub Same problem here with the export. 1 hour off (too early)


@Colin365 yes, that's exactly what happens here. We opened a support ticket with Microsoft, let's see how/when this gets solved...

Has there been any update on this problem because there is an unfortunate consequence of using this timezone checkbox workaround which should maybe be highlighted for others who are using it. The problem is that I now have people showing up for the wrong appointment times! I could see the wrong timezone was chosen in the confirmation email that the customer received but even then it wasn't so easy to explain to them that they have made the booking in the wrong timezone and it is hard to know why this happened. So I'm currently trying to understand all the ways that this situation could happen so that we can try and minimise the inconveniences caused. One way is if the customer has manually changed the timezone while making the booking or if the booking application somehow detects the wrong timezone because this seems to be set automatically from the tests that I've done. But it can also happen if the customer has selected a different timezone in their device's settings which could be by accident or it could be if they made the appointment while in a different country.
Another part of this workaround could therefore be to maybe add a note to your confirmation and reminder emails to try and highlight what the problem is that we're currently experiencing and try to confirm which timezone the bookings should be in, at least until this problem is resolved.

We would also like an update/fix on this. Right now it is a choice between two ills -- confuse the student/customer with booking options that aren't really open, or open it up for potential with time zone issues.
I tested again today (without the workaround) and everything seems to be working fine again.
The correct timeslots are displayed and it's not possible to make double bookings.
I also tested it today but the correct timeslots only show for days that don't already have bookings! The experience we are having is that any group bookings with spaces available will revert to the wrong times when the timezone checkbox is ticked again and then any days without bookings show the correct times - but only until someone books the first spot.
Tried to find a workaround for this new problem but can't find the ideal solution. The closest I got was to remove the staff from the services and then the times always stayed the same but this isn't ideal as then notifications aren't sent when bookings are made or changed. Even then, as soon as a staff member is assigned for a group based service that already has spaces booked then the same time displacement problem occurs again for anybody else that wants to book the same time.
The best solution still seems to be to have the timezone checkbox unticked and hope that the people who are booking can understand which timezone they should be booking in! So this problem could appear to be fixed for people who only use 1-on-1 bookings because the correct time only needs to be shown once and so they will not be affected in the same way. But group bookings are still affected by this problem unfortunately.



I am having this problem as well, and my time zone box is unchecked. I think it was all along. I have days that are unavailable being displayed as well as times. Also, my timeslots are 20 minutes, but the display defaults to 30 minutes regardless of how I try to work around that. I've set everything but my bookable days to unbookable. I've lit candles and chanted. No clue how to fix the issue.

Can you please check the behavior now? We had an unrelated issue that got fixed recently. Please try clearing the cache to make sure you are getting the latest version.
Microsoft support had told me the issue was resolved a few weeks ago and we saw success in that. Now I'm seeing a new issue in that the Default Scheduling Policy is being used, even if it's turned off in a service. Anyone else? I'll make a new post as well
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Update - I've fixed this by unchecking "always show time slots in the business time zone" in the region settings. Times are now reflected properly by availability. Must be a glitch with this setting in a recent update.

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