Restore the state of a mailbox


Hi guys


A customer of mine deleted a lots of folders and items in his Mailbox/Outlook. It is a really disaster and everything look different for him now. :\


We would like to restore the whole state of his mailbox from last week. Is this even possible? 

I know we could restore every single item, but he wants his old folder structure again.  


I just opened a ticket in the admin-center. His Mailbox is still active and we never deleted the whole mailbox in the exchange online console.


Thanks for your answer!




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There is no "point-in-time" type of restore in Exchange Online if that's what you mean. Recover what you can from Deleted Items/Recover deleted items and the Purges containers, the folder structure will have to be recreated by memory.

This won't help @Alain Arnold at this point, but I am going to share a gem that I found today when faced with a similar problem. An exec accidentally bulk deleted a large portion of his inbox. I found a solution at the link below. You can add the 'modified' column to your Deleted Items and then sort by that. It was easy for me to find what he'd deleted in bulk as all the messages had an identical time in the modified column. Hope this helps someone else.

If you've deleted the items, folder or individual email from Outlook program on your system, it's not lost forever. To recover deleted items from Outlook, then, check your Deleted Items or Trash folder in your list of folders on Outlook. Here is a full guide to restore deleted folders in Outlook.