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I am reporting on Office 365 groups and have some questions on one of the fields. I exported the data using PowerShell. I am curious how the "when changed" field is calculated? Is it when a file is uploaded or changed or when the Notebook for the group is updated? I assume this is the same date that is used the calculate the expiration of a group. Is there more information on what is used to determine a group is inactive?

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I remember to have read something about this, but It's not clear to me how this date is calculated: if based on SPO activity or EXO one. Adding @Christophe Fiessinger @Tony Redmond

WhenChanged has nothing to do with group activity. It indicates the last time that the AAD object for the group was updated - for example, when a property was amended.


To check for activity, you have to look elsewhere. See for information (and a script that you might be able to use as a base).

Thank you! I know Microsoft is rolling out the expiration of groups. Does anyone know if the logic is based on the same criteria of the AAD object being updated?

It won't be based on the AAD object being updated. It is based on activity within a group. 

That makes sense. Any activity or just specific activities like sending an email or does it take into account all activity even something simple like an update in Planner?

I guess Planner and Teams will have to provide signals of activity that can be recorded in Office Graph or the audit log before those can be taken into account. I don't know if or when this might happen.