Expiring Groups

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Will the expiry groups feature that is in development allow for the message that goes out to users to be customized?  For instance, we have an internal process that all AD Group membership must be reviewed and signed-off on bi-annually, and would like to customize the group expiry message to talk about revieweing membership and removing users as apporpriate.  


Also, as users confirm to keep groups, will that be logged or available from a report?  We'd like that functionality too for audit/SOX purposes.

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I think it's to early to know those details :) cc @Christophe Fiessinger

Expiry at this time will be determined based on a configuration value that the IT Admin configures for all their groups. For example, IT Admins can specify that all groups in their organization we expire every 6 months. When a group is created based on this configuration the expiration date will be set. When the Group owner extends the expiration date via email attestation, the date will be updated. This expiry date field is an Azure AD object property.



Is Office 365 Groups expiry/Soft deletes available?  It sounds like it may be based on your thread.  However, I do not see the option in our tenant or AAD

It's not, please see these items for status on our public roadmap:
Expiry: http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/roadmap/?filters=#I-31829
Soft-delete: http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/roadmap/?filters=#I-31837

@Christophe Fiessinger i hope there will be seprate announcement when these are released. We have put o365 groups creation on hold until we see soft recovery features are available.

It doesn't appear those road map items appear any longer.


Does anyone know if Expiry and Soft Delete are available to us yet?