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Viewing multiple sheets

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I am having issues formatting the view > arrange all function in Excel. My organization just upgraded from Office 2010 so this is all new to me. When utilizing view > arrange all in 2010, it would allow for multiple sheets to be viewed at once. Now in the new version we have moved to, the top part of the window takes up the whole screen. See attached screenshot. Is there any way to view the data on all 4 sheets at one time like in the previous excel versions?

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there is no functionality in the new office versions to get the same view as in 2010. You can get only some additional space in the separate windows if you collapse/minimize the ribbon where you do not need them:
Click on the little up-arrow-symbol on the far right corner of the ribbon (or hit Ctrl+F1)

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In addition, with Office 365 Microsoft shifted from Multiple Display Interface as it was before to Single Display Interface. That is fundamental change and such behavior can't be changed by settings. SDI is not always suitable, but we have what we have.