refresh a excel power query at a particular time of day




i am sure i read somewhere that this could be done and i'm trying to implement it but cannot find any help online that relates to excel, its all done in power bi that i dont use.


basically, i want to refresh one of my power queries ( that gets data from the web ), at 10pm each night.


is this possible to do ???


many thanks for your help, steve reeves

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also. workbook willl be open.

although i would also be interested if this can be done without the workbook open? doubt thats easy though ( or even poss), thanks


To my knowledge nope, that doesn't work such way. Former time there were third party utilities which run at scheduled time as Windows task; open Excel file, refresh it and close. Perhaps they are still exists, not sure.


Other ways are related to SharePoint (on-premises solution) or Power BI service where data model related to published Excel file could be refreshed without opening it, but you don't use it.