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Is it possible that one cell contain two data validations? For example A1 contains a data validation for a drop down menu under "list"  and a data validation under "custom"?

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That was it, thank you! @Rr_. How would you combine these two functions using the "=OR"

=COUNTIF(B$32:B$59,"=P")+COUNTIF(B$32:B$59,"=CP")<= B$61



I tried doing 

=OR(COUNTIF($AL$2:$AL$16,B26)=1,AND(B26>=(B$26:B$28,"=O")<= B$30))) but I get an error message 


You're having an error message because you do not have a function on your "(B$26:B$28,"=O")" formula....
maybe try adding countif function on that.


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