Need formula help for countifs and sumifs

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Hi - trying to create some formulas for countifs and sumifs.  I need to count and sum if the data meet specific criteria in a few different columns.  Specifically, I'd like to exclude certain things from being counted if they meet criteria in one column but not the other, but I am not having luck with my formulas.


Attaching a spreadsheet as a very simple example with my four related questions.  Grateful for any help you can provide!



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You didn't show your formulas, so I can't tell you what you've possibly have been doing wrong.

It's straight forward SUMIFS() and COUNTIFS().


I suppose every row is equal to 1 item since there is no distinct field "Item".


@nmlynch For count try-


For sum try-


To hard code criteria try like-





An alternative could be SUMPRODUCT.




Thank you, @Harun24HR - this did the trick!
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That is a great solution, @Quadruple_Pawn - I very much appreciate the alternative option!
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