Pivot Table not displaying all the data.

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I have a file that has multiple pivot tables. For some reason the pivot tables are not pulling across all of the data from the source table. 





It will find the line of data and display the first column but not the rest of the associated data for that line. I've verified that the source table has the information. You can see lines 234288 and 234315 as examples.  The columns are just showing as blank. 




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Hi @ToddTranservice,

it appears that the pivot table is not displaying all of the data because the "Show values as" setting is set to "Sum". This setting will only display the sum of the values in the value field for each row and column.

To display all of the data, you can change the "Show values as" setting to "Count", "None", or another appropriate calculation.

To change the "Show values as" setting, right-click on the value field in the pivot table and select "Show Values As". Then, select the desired setting.

Here is a link to an article that explains how to change the "Show values as" setting in a pivot table:
How to change the "Show values as" setting in a pivot table:

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Good morning,

Thank you for the suggestion. I followed the instructions in the link, however there was no option for Show Values As as indicated in the solution.

I confirmed that the field settings subtotals were set to none. In the end, I found that if I chose expand field for all of the "missing" data that it displayed. I've run an update since and it does not seem to have reappeared at this time.