Debit column of #s from my power query table show as blank in pivot table

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My "citi" pivot table is displaying blank fields from the Debit column (which should, instead, be displaying #s), although it correctly displays #s in the credit column (which pulls data from my "citi" power query table).


Both debit & credit #s display correctly within the pivot table in the "rows" section, but not under the columns section (of pivot table)


Both debit & credit columns are formatted the same (ie. currency within pivot table and numbers under properties of pivot table). How do i get the credits to display on my pivot table? 






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As variant - if you add data to data model creating PivotTable and at least one value in the column is text, entire column in data model will be considered as texts. Sum of the will be blank.

Thanks@SergeiBaklan but if that were the case then my "credit" column (in power query) which shows text "null" would also not display in the pivot table column (which it does)







or, for that matter in the "rows" section (which it also does)