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I have a worksheet where only the first three columns are printing on each page. The remaining columns are printing on additional pages. I need to print all of the columns on the same page. I did it accidentally somehow but cannot seem to undo it. I was doing page breaks, and titles on every page and screwed up somehow......... help.



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Set or clear a print area on a worksheet

If you print a specific selection on a worksheet frequently, you can define a print area that includes just that selection. A print area is one or more ranges of cells that you designate to print when you don't want to print the entire worksheet. When you print a worksheet after defining a print area, only the print area is printed. You can add cells to expand the print area as needed, and you can clear the print area to print the entire worksheet.

A worksheet can have multiple print areas. Each print area will print as a separate page.

What do you want to do?

Set one or more print areas

Add cells to an existing print area

Clear a print area


Hope I was able to help you with this info.