Making Money from Excel

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Hi Experts,


Do you have any ideas or tips on how to monetize :heavy_dollar_sign: our Excel skills?

How to make MONEY :money_bag: from Excel?

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Short of starting your own consultancy business, or Microsoft offering us a nice job, not really. Besides why would anyone want to pay for our solutions when we are awesomely helpful and dole it out for free as a labour of love? :D

Hi Damien,


Here we share solutions and help people for free!

We cannot ask people to pay for our solutions even if these solutions are worth hundreds of dollars!

This is the philosophy of knowledge sharing that Microsoft believes in!


We only ask for appreciation and good reputation!

But even that may not be offered by some of them!


What I mean is the possibility of making money through Excel outside this community and outside all communities that are interested in sharing knowledge!


In fact, working in knowledge sharing communities gives you a strong experience and excellent reputation that may benefit you in the future in some investment projects and plans!

Maybe there's an Excel think tank of consultants who do just that? Maybe they are even watching this space to look for talent?

It may also be a competitive market out there for that sort of stuff but I agree with you, being in this community and contributing certainly does give good experience and maybe even street cred.

As for recognition for those really awesome solutions that our colleagues work hard on providing, maybe we need a wall of fame that the community manager, Microsoft, or MVP folks can tag a post that shows the question and solution?

Food for thought!

After searching I found these useful tips:

  • Build and design Excel templates and sell them in some dedicated online stores
  • Build and design Excel add-ins and sell them in some app stores
  • Engage in consulting and training field
  • Work as a freelancer
All we ask is that you remember us fondly when you are rich! :)

At the moment I need to make some money but I don't think I'll do it from Excel. I'm considering hospital jobs in Middlesex. Found here many vacancies. But thanks for the recommendations of making money using Excel skills. I'll take them into account for the future.

But can't we use Excel to discover how we can master sports betting and fix the odds of winning without fail irrespective on how selected matches have ended?

Dear Sir,


Your skills is an outstanding, you can be great in one or more of this option:

1) Become a tutor at Udemy


2) Become a tutor at Linkedin Learning


3) Create a Youtube channel (choose one niche, e.g: VBA, and give some Live training)


Good luck and nice to meet you! 

I will try my best , if i dont know how to do i will  try my best  for that  

very srecious for work please try me 


@Haytham Amairah can you help me as you mention .