Referral Sheet With Dependent Drop Downs

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Good day.


I'm trying to build a referral sheet for our business.  I want to be able to choose a service and then have companies displayed that do those services.  Once I choose a company, I want to display their logo and contact information to print out and hand to customers.  Is this doable with my existing workbook that contains all of 

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@scottdog1292175 Yes, this is doable.  See the attached workbook.


I assumed that all services for a company are listed in the same cell.  If your workbook separates the services into a separate Company Name + Service range (or Excel table), only a minor change is needed to one formula (in cell B2 on the Display worksheet).


(As it is needed for demonstration purposes only, I created just one logo.)


Appreciate the reply!  Trying to attach my actual workbook that I am working with but I can't seem to find a way to do that.  My apologies.