HELP! I can't "unhide" my rows

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I have a lengthy excel worksheet (200+ rows) that I had hidden some rows, but now I can't "Unhide" them! Any suggestions?

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You should be able to unhide by clicking in the upper left-hand corner of the spreadsheet (which selects all rows and all columns) and then selecting Format....Rows....Unhide

@mathetes - it still won't unhide the rows.... :(




You're clicking on this corner?


What happens when you click there?


Does it all turn gray (or indicate that it's highlighted all rows and columns?


How did you hide the rows in the first place? Did you lock or protect the sheet?

@mathetes - Yes, clicking in that corner, highlights the entire page. Clicking on Format, and Unhide, and nothing happens. I do not believe I locked the page. 

are you sure there are rows hidden? Do the numbers "skip"?
My next guess is that they aren't hidden but just made to a very small height.
if you highlight the whole sheet (as done above) you can double click the line between any 2 rows to auto adjust the row heights.



I am at my wits' end..... Would you take a look at it? It's the page tab "Quantities"



I see the problem--and your wits are hereby relieved.


You've been filtering out a lot of rows under the header "Quantity Available"-- just go to that little funnel in the header and allow it to select ALL rows.


OR turn off the filter altogether.



you have a filter on. click on the 'data' tab and click Clear under the sort & filter group.
or click on the funnel icon next to Quantity Available and either 'select all' or 'clear filter'



o.m.g........ Thank you!!



o.m.g...... thank you!


For others who may run into this hidden rows problem try View > Freeze Panes > Unfreeze 

KAzim2000 approach worked for me.

@mtarler How can I thank you!? I have been trying to unhide all the rows in my excel file and was about to tell my boss I really messed up, you saved my weekend!!

knowing we were helpful is thanks enough. Glad it helped and best of luck.


you too helped me relieve my anxiety..Thank you

vijay bhaskar

Thank you for suggesting looking at filtering. was going to go insane with this one. all ok now! 

@mathetes You are a Wizard!  That solved my issue, as well!  Cheers!

Same problem, no luck with the previous info.

Hidden rows. I can not get them to unhide using:
- clicking top left corner (selecting entire worksheet), then unhiding all rows using format > hide/unhide
- selecting the rows above and below, and right-clicking > unhide
- panes are not freezed
- there is no filter used in the worksheet, so it's not that.

What works:
- double clicking on the thick horizontal lines where the hidden rows are located => this shows the hidden rows using the default height (15) whereas they were 32 high before I hid them.

Any ideas?

Never mind. There were filters (in a hidden row). Spend almost an hour looking for something out of the ordinary, until I noticed that the very top row was also hidden... containing filters of course.