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Hello!   I am seeking assistance to create a nested dynamic formulas where the total amounts are being summed up on a quarterly basis.   Please see attached file WITH MY COMMENTS.

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@elo0707 Please see attached.


@elo0707 Riny's formulas for the quarter assume that your first quarter starts on January 1.  If instead it starts on October 1 (like the US federal government) or July 1 (like some companies), you can use these formulas, respectively:

=YEAR(EDATE(E16,3)) & "-Q" & ROUNDUP(MONTH(EDATE(E16,3))/3, 0)
=YEAR(EDATE(E16,6)) & "-Q" & ROUNDUP(MONTH(EDATE(E16,6))/3, 0)

(I like to put the year first, as it keeps the field sortable, but you can easily change that.)


Thank you.
Thank you
i also tried your query question, the simple way is first quater you have done sum right , now of that column select first 3 cells so that first two will be blank and third will have quarterly sum , now just drag the bottom right button ,, simple