Macro to import data from picture

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Hi,  I have been asked to create a macro to insert data from a picture.  Right now, I copy the picture from an email, go to excel, go to data tab, and insert picture from clipboard.  Is it possible to create a macro to import the data from the picture once I have copied the picture to the clipboard?  I tried to record a macro but it didn't work.  Thank you!



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As of this writing you've had 56 views and zero answers. I strongly suspect it is because it's not really clear what you're trying to do.


What do you mean by "import data from the picture"? What kind of picture is it? A picture of words, numbers, combination? Is it a picture attached to an email, or are you taking a picture OF the email?


Those are starters for questions that, if answered, might get us closer to knowing what you're working with. If you could post a copy of the spreadsheet on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, with a link pasted here granting edit access, that would help even further. At a bare minimum, post a copy of the "picture" here in your next reply.