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Unable to Split Table in Excel "Table Tools Layout" option is missing on Excel application. As per this link option is available but not on the application.


Please help.

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That article is very misleading. Although Excel is mentioned, it does not apply to Excel, but to Word (as you can see in the video)

Is there any way to split an Excel 365 table? It seems very strange to me that Microsoft would think that is important for tables in Word, but not for tables in Excel.

The cited video specifically says it applies to Excel 365 although, as you point out, their example in the video is using Word.


Microsoft's documentation is only a pale shade of what it used to be.


Moving ranges of cells is much easier in Excel than in Word, so the developers probably didn't think it necessary to provide a dedicated command for splitting a range or table.

You can submit a suggestion from within Excel, through File > Feedback > Send a suggestion.

Thanks. I have a semi-off-topic question for you. Is there a way for an Excel table column to span more than one Excel spreadsheet column? I have a couple of table columns that need to be wide in the table, but I do not want to have to make those columns wide for the whole spreadsheet.


No, it is not possible to merge cells inside a table.

Thanks for your prompt replies ... very much appreciated.
This is similar to the original question in that you can do so in Word. Excel tables sure seem like a second-class citizen. It is true that one can split Excel tables by hand -- the main hassle is having to adjust all internal table references when you do. I did that earlier tonight. The column-width issue is worse, though, because I know of no workaround.
BTW: totally off-subject, except that it is still Excel 365: would you know why Data | Data Types has two "Stocks" buttons? They seem functionally identical. ???


Sorry, I don't have Microsoft 365. I recommend starting a new discussion for this question, that will surely draw the attention of others who do have Microsoft 365.

Done, and thanks again for your help.