Modernized Excel Grid
Published Jul 02 2024 10:30 AM 7,343 Views

Our latest update for web users brings you a host of powerful features designed to make your spreadsheet tasks simpler, faster, and more enjoyable. From effortless resizing and streamlined inserts to enhanced navigation and easy cell highlighting, discover how these modern tools can revolutionize your workflows.

Simple. Easy. DelightfulSimple. Easy. Delightful


Resize rows and columns with ease

Quickly resize rows and columns for better data visibility and presentation. Hover over the border of a row or column header, click and hold the handles, then drag to resize.

Resize rows and columns with easeResize rows and columns with ease

Simplified insert options

Our new simplified interface makes adding rows, or columns to your spreadsheet a snap. Just hover over the respective row or column header and then click on the small circles (convert to + on hover). Streamline your workflow and get more done in less time.

Simplified Insert OptionsSimplified Insert Options

Streamlined unhide feature

Show hidden rows or columns with one click and get a complete view of your data instantly. Just hover over the row or column header and then select the small arrows that appear.

Streamlined unhide featureStreamlined unhide feature

Freeze panes for better navigation

Keep important headers or columns visible as you scroll to ensure that important information stays visible, no matter how far you scroll down or across your spreadsheet.

To do so, drag the handles in the top left corner of the headers and drag them to the desired position. To change existing freeze panes, just drag the freeze pane line.

Freeze panes for better navigationFreeze panes for better navigation

Drag & drop to rearrange elements

Effortlessly rearrange elements in your worksheet with drag and drop, making data organization a breeze.

To try the drag and drop feature, select any row or column, hold and drag when the cursor shows the hand icon, and then drop in any other row or column.

Drap and drop to rearrange elementsDrap and drop to rearrange elements

Highlight cells for clarity

Highlight important cells to emphasize critical information and improve readability. To use this feature, just select a row, column, range of cells, or individual cell.

Highlight cells for clarityHighlight cells for clarity


These features are currently rolling out to all Excel for the web users.

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