Showing a cell value if between a time range

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Good day


I am looking for help with a formula to show a cell value from a range of times.


I have a list of specific times, as per below.




I have also added 8 time ranges (3 hours over 24 hour period) I have named these ranges with specific names like Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, etc.




I need to display the period names for these ranges next to the list of specific times, if it falls in between the start and finish times. 


I have tried xlookup, meridian and if formulas, as well as trying to combine them but I do not seem to get the expected result.


Attached is the worksheet, the first tab is the time ranges and names, the second tab is the specific times I need names for. (Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening)


Please help! 

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I'd organize the lookup table slightly differently:


You can then use VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP:


The formula in B2 is




Hi @Hans Vogelaar

This has worked perfectly, thank you for your feedback.