Excel - Get Data from PDF is Missing

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I have users that are reporting that up until a couple weeks ago, they were able to import data from a pdf from this menu. That feature is now missing.


We have licensing:



So, why would this feature be missing?


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One more picture is missing - on which channel you are. It looks like


@Sergei Baklan 



I've tried updating Office/Excel, but it says we're up to date.



You are on semi-annual channel which is updated with new functionality twice per year, in Jan in Jul. Monthly Enterprise channel was updated with PDF connector in Oct 2020 Release notes for Monthly Enterprise Channel releases in 2020 - Office release notes | Microsoft Doc... , semi-annual shall be updated few months later and I didn't find PDF connector in Jan update for that channel Release notes for Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel releases in 2020 - Office release notes | Microsoft...

Thus you shall wait till July or upgrade on Monthly Enterprise or Current channels. That's free of charge and above channels are stable enough. However, which channel to use depends mostly on your organization ITS policies, are they ready to provide more or less new functionality to end users or prefer to wait couple of years till all possible fixes will be deployed.

@Sergei Baklan 

Ok, that's good knowledge to have. Thank you for the response.


However, it doesn't tell me why my users are saying that had this feature and then it was gone. Was it a feature Microsoft had to remove and now they're getting it back? I've had 3 user all start yelling at me, asking why this function is suddenly missing.


EDIT: I also checked with our programmer. He has a home Office 365 yearly subscription and has the Get Data From PDF feature. Are the home versions different again?


Yes, Home version is quite full functional. The difference with business/enterprise subscriptions is mainly in licensing - in brief you are not allowed to earn money with Home subscription. You shall do business using business subscription. I simplified a bit, nonetheless. You may check availability by SKU here Where is Get & Transform (Power Query) - Excel (microsoft.com)

 Within SKU availability depends on the channel you are subscribed. And more exactly on version within such channel (semi-annual has 3 versions). Thus you have to compare SKU, channel and it's version to compare functionality, plus some time for the deployment. Just "I'm on Office 365" is not enough.


In general deployment of new functionality to all Office365 subscribers, from first Beta users to slowest semi-annual channel users could take couple of years. If you'd like to have new functionality faster you need to change the channel.


And yes, Microsoft could deploy some new functionality and in a while cancel it due to some critical bugs. But that happens quite seldom and not on semi-annual channel. For such changes it's not necessary to update the build, it's enough if you connected to internet. Switching functionality on/off is done by licensing manager assuming such functionality code is within your current build.

Hi trobinson-q2
I have same issue with my Excel (Get Data from PDF is Missing), did you resolve your problem?
Tony Hu


On which subscription and channel you are?


Build number says practically nothing. Is that semi-annual channel? If so which one? It shall be here


On semi-annual most probably this functionality is not deployed so far.

@Sergei Baklan Issue seem to persist and be spreading across users. A friend had use the function just yesterday and today even while on the same Current channel and version, option is now missing. What do you think?


If it appeared only yesterday I'd wait a day or two, it could appear after couple of reboots.

@Sergei Baklan 


Hi, I am using Office Home & Student 2019 and I am missing the From PDF option as well. I am not a techie person and I do not understand what the channels mean. is there another way to get this option?

Hi @Raphael1175 

For Excel version, channel... Within Excel: go to File > Account, on the right side - i.e.:



The From File > From PDF option (in Excel User Interface) isn't available in all versions of Excel & Channels (no idea for Excel 2019 Home & Student). Such option allows users to easily do something (through a wizard) that could be +/- complex otherwise


However, it's not because the option doesn't appear in the Excel User Interface that don't have access to the corresponding Power Query function (Pdf.Tables). To check this on your version of Excel:

- Download the attached file & open it

- In Sheet1 rigth-click on the following Table


- Select the Refresh option

Once the Refresh is complete, search in that Table for Pdf.Tables. If you find that occurence it means your version of Excel can import Tables from PDF files


If you have Pdf.Tables function let us know and someone will explain how to use it...

Hi @Raphael1175,

Did your issue resolved with respect to Get data from PDF option?

I am on Version 2206 for Excel.



@shahdarshak  Hi, unfortunately, It was not. I am not a very techie and I do not know what they meant with "channels". Is there anything I can do to get that option? Do I have to subscribe to Office 365? Getting a lot of confusing answers and I am not a  very technical person. I am using Windows 11. 

@L z. I tried it and pdf tables is showing. would you mind showing the next step?

Hi @JPAC_64 


Just updated an article I put together the other day, no more need to search for Pdf.Tables, after refreshing the green table you get:


2.5 YouCAN_YouCANNOT.png

(hopefully this will help @Raphael1175 & @shahdarshak ...)


The article is available here and explains the Next step when you get a You CAN import Tables from PDF files with the in used product

@L z. 

Its working for me. Thank you for the article!

@shahdarshak Glad this works for you + Thanks for providing feedback