how to combine queries to one table

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There are several PDF files online that I am trying to get converted into excel. Some have thousands of pages.  Here is one PDF with just 4.  what is the best way to get all the data into 1 excel sheet.


I was able to use the data from file feature and pull in each page as its own query.  so for example pdf file, it gives me 4 queries.  how do I now get all of these combine to just one table, and not removing any of the rows of data.  some of the PDF pages have 30 columns, some have 32, but they all have headers. so I just need them all to match.  If on one PDF page they are missing a column, simply have each cell show n/a or null is fine.  I just really need all the data from all the pdf sheets in one excel sheet. is the example pdf with 4 pages.

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