Files on computer reverting to older saved versions of files

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I have (in my sent emails) the copy of the most recent file I had on my hard drive.  Since sending this file (.pptx) it has reverted back to an older, less robust, version of the file which has missing slides.  It is missing graphs I created.  The excel file I wrote is also missing the graphs, and tabs had to be updated to reflect current data --this file has been updated since the "final" PowerPoint was sent, and then updated again today--.



This may be a system-wide issue as I have had lines of code fail to run in R Studio, and then "magically" run after changing nothing.  Also, .pdf files I send appear to be older versions in my email, however the recipients have verbally told me the files are correct.


Additionally, a command prompt will occasionally appear upon rebooting my computer and disappear.  It has been there since my computer was removed from the box, but the command prompt's appearance seems stochastic.

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