Excel and access working together

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I am trying to use access as my database for excel to pull my customer list and separate by zip codes.

I am new to excel so sorry if this is basic. 

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WHAT, exactly, is your question?
What formula do I use to pull customers from my access database into excel sheets by zip codes



My reason for asking, and this is still true: it seems to me that you're mixing two steps that could be entirely separate into one request.

Do you know how to import data from Access? (I don't; haven't done it, although I suspect it's pretty straightforward if you know the particulars of the Access database.)


I do know, once you have the data in Excel, how to sort it by Zip code.


My first suggestion, therefore, would be to break the two steps apart; not try to have a single formula to do it all. 


But then, again, it's possible that something like Power Query can do it all in one step. Here's a link that might help you learn how to do that. I'm sure there are also YouTube videos that can walk you through the steps. 

@mathetes it may be very well possible that I can't do what I'm trying to do. Again I am new at Excel and I have done all the help things on Excel and watch some videos but I was asked to try and create this program by my employer. Since posting my original question I have found a way to import my Access Data into Excel. I need to take my customer list and spread it out between different sheets based on area code. I can do it using the filter but I am trying to get the sheets to populate as I put new information in automatically

if you work with Access,know something about sql。
I am not sure what you want in details.

I know how to filter data with sql where sub clause.
may like below

select * from tbl where cust like '%specific customer%'
separate by zip codes.

what you mean separate by zip Codes?
can you show some data and expected results please?
I work with none and not really sure why this task was given to me. I am probably doing a horrible job of explaining what I need. I can use the filter to send the data to where I need and how I want but is there a way to make what I am doing with the filter to be automatic.

Example would be. I have all my info filtered to my sheets from 1 master sheet with all customer data. Is there a formula that if I manually entered a new customer and info it will automatically filter to the sheet it belongs depending on my filter criteria.

I am so sorry if this is trying your patience but I do highly appreciate the responses.



Now that you have all the data, it should be easy to do a sifting by Zip code (in a subsequent message you said "by area code"; I trust you realize that Zip code and Area code are two altogether different entities.


Anyway, the FILTER function will do this quite easily. Here's a video specifically addressing how FILTER works. You will need Excel 2021 or newer in order to take advantage of this feature.



If you need further help, please post at least an image of how your data are arrayed. If you can, remove the specific private identifications of your customers and then post a copy of the workbook on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and post a link here granting edit access to it.

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