having performance issue with the Excel file that I access online web app

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File size 4.3MB


Me and 2 of my friends using excel online for the same file for view, editing for months, smooth without issue. But we have found this file become super slow motion when we try to search (ctrl+f), insert/delete rows. everything become so slow and it's effect our working. 


i choose to use online excel is because the desktop one drive sync always crashed and sync slower. Always missing data that we had done in desktop excel due to multiple users.


Only online one drive excel able to work together for 3 person peaceful but now the slow reaction of this specific file become our major issue. 


Tried to get MS support online for help but after screen share and tried out many ways, all doesn't work. 


May I know is there any way we can use online excel like server file used to be?

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