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I have a column in an Excel page that has a drop-down list, but the problem is that the options may be more than one. Can I merge the check box with the drop-down list, so that more than one option is selected at the same time, or does it not work in this way?



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I have included a file with an example of exactly what I want


See the attached version. It is now a macro-enabled workbook, so you will have to allow macros when you open the workbook.

To view the code, right-click the sheet tab and select 'View Code' from the context menu.

@Hans Vogelaar It didn't work. What I want is the exact same attachment


It does work, but it is not what you wanted.

See How to create drop down list with multiple checkboxes in Excel? 

@Hans Vogelaar 


I think it didn't work because excel stopped macro functions
You're right, that's not what I want. I attached a file by mistake, see the correct attachment. The problem is that it needs an external source. It must be downloaded. Can we do the same thing without that?


KuTools is a commercial product, but the article in my previous reply explains how you can simulate a combo box with check boxes by using a list box. It does not require downloading anything (but it works on Windows only, not on Mac)

@Hans Vogelaar 


The problem is that I will be sharing the file with a number of interested people via Google Sheet in order to have a live update of the file. If I download Kutools, will it work correctly, or will there be errors?


KuTools will not work on Google Sheets, nor will the method using an ActiveX list box. That works only in the desktop version of Excel for Windows.

I have no experience with Google Sheets, so I have no idea if what you want is possible there.

if you want an online form,I am afraid excel is not the best choice for customize input.
A dynamic web page looks better solution.

You're right it doesn't work, the problem lies in the complexity of the macro, I tried it and it on gogle sheet but didn't work until I tried it on Excel online and it didn't work but what is the best option to apply it to Excel with out macro,After all the experiments I'm going to empty the dropdown list with separate columns and cancel the drop down list except If there is a solution