Multiplying values

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Evening all,


I want to figure out a function to use to calculate a value using a value given and multiply that dependant on the 'zone' so zone 1 needs to be multiplied by 14.8 zone 2 by 14.8 zone 3 by 19.2 etc etc. I have tried to use product and if functions but it says I'm using too many variables. Any help appreciated!

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Create a range with zones in the first column and the corresponding multiplication factors in the second column.

In the screenshot below, this is E2:F7.

You can then use XLOOKUP (or VLOOKUP) to retrieve the factor for a specific zone:


The formula in C2 is


=A2*XLOOKUP(B2, $E$2:$E$7, $F$2:$F$7)