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I am trying to create hyperlink from sheet 1 to jump to another sheet within a range. For example, in the given sheet 1, there are values like First , Second and Third to jump to the values which sits in another sheet. In given below image , I want to click Value first and it should direct me to sheet 2 "This is a first line". I want to use this hyperlink to use other values to perform similar task as it did in First case.  I tried to use built in hyperlink function to no avail.







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Hi @AlokBeheria 


if you want to use the HYPERLINK function to jump to another sheet within the same workbook, you need to include the filename in the link address and put everything in quotation marks:





@Martin_Weiss  : Thanks for your inputs. I tried doing it , but discovered errors.




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Hi @AlokBeheria 


you have a comma after the ] that needs to be removed:


Instead of 


it should be



@Mart : Thanks a ton ! Your inputs helped me.