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First published on MSDN on Oct, 19 2010

We on the Visio product team receive lots of interesting questions from Visio users through our blog’s contact form . In this post, we’ll share our answers to several questions that we thought would be of interest to our blog readers.

Q: I installed Visio 2010, but the BPMN shapes appear to be missing. Where can I find them?

A: The BPMN shapes are part of Visio Premium 2010. You can check what edition you have by going to File > Help and looking in the top right.

Here is a link to the feature set for each Visio edition:


Q: If I add hyperlinks to my Visio drawing, will they still work after using Visio Web Access to display them on a SharePoint page?

A: Yes, hyperlinks will work in the Visio Web Part. Here are some more details:

  • You can hyperlink to web URLs as well as other Visio pages in the document.
  • If you have multiple hyperlinks on a shape, clicking on the shape will open the topmost link or the “Default” link.
  • Pressing Ctrl and clicking on a shape will open the Shape Data pane and select the shape. This will show you all the hyperlinks, and you can click each one.


Q: I upgraded to Visio 2010 and am having difficulty finding the Shape Operations (Union, Combine, Fragment, Intersect, Subtract, Join, Trim, and Offset). Where are they?

A: In Visio 2010, Shape Operations have been moved to the Developer tab of the Ribbon, which you can enable by turning on Developer mode in Visio Options:

Once this is done, click on “Operations” in the Developer Tab to get the menu of operations:



Q: I am creating a Visio 2010 Cross-Functional Flowchart. How can I select an individual band to specify its color fill?

A: The easiest way to select a band (also called swimlane) is to click on its text heading, so that you see a dotted outline around the swimlane. You can then choose a fill color, and that will apply to the heading portion of the band, as follows:

To apply the fill to the body of the swimlane, go to the Cross-Functional Flowchart tab in the Ribbon and select a style in the Style gallery that has a fill:

This lets you color the whole swimlane as follows:



Q: Where can I get support for Visio or report a problem?

A: The central support place for Visio is the Visio Solution Center .  It allows you to get product information , get self-support or community support , or contact a support representative .

If you simply want to report a problem, you can choose one of the community support options such as the forums or our contact form . If you want help finding a resolution, you should choose the forums or contact a support representative.

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