Creating a Hyperlink to Trigger Conditional Formatting

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Hi, I would like to create a hyperlink, so that when I click on the hyperlink, it triggers a conditional formatting where the cells that contain the hyperlinked word will change colour.  For example, If I wrote the word "Test" in cell D21, and I click on the word "Test" in D21, it should make all the cells from D8:G16 that contain the word "Test" to change colour.  Is this possible without VBA?

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Do you really need a hyperlink? You could simply create a rule of type 'Use a formula to determine which cells to format' with formula


=AND($D$21<>"", D8=$D$21)


if the text in D21 should match the entire cell contents, or


=AND($D$21<>"", ISNUMBER(SEARCH($D$21, D8)))


if D21 should match part of the cell contents.