Access Releases 17 Issue Fixes in Version 2308 (Released August 28th, 2023)
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Our newest round of Access bug fixes was released on August 28th, 2023. In this blog post, we highlight some of the fixed issues that our Access engineers released in the current monthly channel.


If you see a bug that impacts you, and if you are on the current monthly channel build 2308, you should have these fixes. Make sure you are on Access Build # 16.0.16731.20170 or greater.


Bug Name

Issue Fixed

Opening a linked table in design view displayed a warning that the linked table definition couldn’t be edited

There is now a checkbox to prevent the dialog from appearing when a linked table is opened in design view. An option was added to allow the dialog to be displayed again if desired. (Client Settings/Confirm section)

Error message can’t be dismissed in query designer

If any accessibility tool is in use, including some system features such as “Accessibility Text cursor”, an error message was generated in the query designer, e.g., because you entered an invalid expression, then the error message could not be dismissed. This will no longer occur.

When exporting to SharePoint, invalid data may cause operation to fail with unhelpful error message

Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Fifth Edition) ( defines the characters that are valid in XML. If text data in an Access table contains characters that are not valid per this standard, exporting to SharePoint would fail. The operation now gives you the option to remove the invalid characters or to abort.

The AcSysCmdAction didn’t have an enumeration value defined that supported creating an ACCDE file

You could supply the value 603, but now acSysCmdCompile is defined, so you can provide the symbolic constant, and this is also exposed for external automation.

When an Edge Browser Control has Visible=No, the control would still render in form view

The browser control will no longer render if Visible=No

Narrator doesn’t narrate properly in subform controls

Narrator is now given the information it needs to narrate the content of controls in a subform properly.

F1 does not link to the correct documentation for several properties of the Edge Browser Control.


F1 should now redirect to the appropriate documentation page.

When specifying a local file for a new Edge Browser Control, the file does not render

The Insert Hyperlink dialog for the new control now automatically adds the https://msaccess protocol prefix that is required for navigation to local files.

Error "Not enough free memory to update the display." when switching Office themes

If a property pane was visible when switching themes, the error message would be generated.  This will no longer occur.

Access would terminate unexpectedly if the Build Event command was selected for an Edge Browser Control.

This command is on the right-click context menu in design view and should open a menu to allow you to select how you want to create the default event handler for the control.

The Edge Browser Control does not load local files specified with a UNC path

UNC paths can now be used to specify a local file for the Edge Browser Control.

Opening a Query in some environments opens in the browser

This was fixed in Version 2307 as well; this will no longer occur.

The Edge Browser Control does not render content when an existing file is chosen in the Insert Hyperlink dialog on creation

The dialog was not properly constructing the required expression for Control Source property for the control.

Exporting report to XLSX format creates an empty workbook if the report has a Sum expression

Support for exporting reports to XLSX format was added recently but did not work properly if the report contained a control with a Sum expression.

Crash when trying to view related tables when exporting to Dataverse

When exporting a table to Dataverse, we export related tables as well. If one of the tables contained a self-join, and the “Select Related Tables” button was selected during the export to allow choosing which related tables were exported, then Access would terminate unexpectedly.

Crash when setting control source to empty on Edge Browser Control

The control source of an Edge Browser Control can now be set to nothing without issue.

Data in linked Dataverse table isn’t updated while table is open

If changes were made to the data in a Dataverse table that was open in Access, Access would not see the changes unless the user explicitly forced a requery of the data. Access will now refresh the data using the “ODBC refresh interval” option.


Please continue to let us know if this is helpful and share any feedback you have.






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