cannot find excel files

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i cannot find my older excel files from earlier this year 

what happened to them??

i did not delete them

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First of all I recommend you to perform all updates and repair Excel, if this does not solve the problem, see the information below which may help you.

Files do not open in Excel or "File Not Found" occurs when open by double-click


When you double-click a Microsoft Excel file type (.xls), Excel starts as expected, but then you may receive an error message that is similar to the following:

C:\filename.xls' could not be found. Check the spelling of the file name, and verify that the file location is correct. If you are trying to open the file from your list of most recently used files on the File menu, make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved, or deleted.

When you click OK on the error message, the message reappears. After you repeatedly click OK, the file opens. See for the resolutions and workarounds in the first link.


In the end, I always recommend specifying the Excel version, operating system and storage medium in your request, this would help a lot to provide accurate and quick solutions.


Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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