Combining Excel Files

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I have 5 separate spreadsheet files (example below) laid out like this that all need combining.

Each file contains different data but the headers in bold are the same.

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 17.44.17.png


I tried to combine these using power query but came across 2 main issues and didnt get very far:

1. I have no option to select 'folder' as a data source (all the 5 spreadsheets are kept in 1 folder)

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 17.45.54.png


2. All the examples I could find are using data spread across columns, not in rows like mine. I have tried transposing my data but it needs to be kept in these rows.


Can anybody please advise me the best solution here?


(I am using a mac and will receive new data every month)

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Have you tried the VSTACK function? There are several tutorials online to show you. That might help. Good luck!

I tried this but couldn't work out how this works as my data is displayed vertically across multiple tabs and I will have fresh data every month. Any ideas?