Automate running of Power Query when new file is uploaded to Sharepoint

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I have a SharePoint/OneDrive folder where every week I upload an excel file containing data in a fixed format. I have made power queries to do some transformations on the excel data and output the transformed data within that excel in a separate sheet. I also need to connect the excel data (before transformation) to Power BI to display graphs.


I want something which automatically detects that a new excel file has been uploaded to SharePoint/OneDrive, run the power queries on the data in the excel, and also create a connection to Power BI and display the graphs.


I tried using Power Automate but it has a limitation that it can't run power queries automatically on the excel file. PLEASE HELP me with a solution that can automate this process, I have been stuck for a week trying to find a way.

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@Akshit_Bansal If the queries can be refreshed using Excel on-line, you could have your PowerAutomate Flow call a script like this one:


function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {
	// Refresh all data connections