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Since the last versions of Canary, when we want to download, clicking on "Save As" crashes Edge and the browser closes by itself

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In case you have any extension, try disable them and see if the problem persist?
Report this issue using the Feedback option.
Take a look at:
Thanks for your help
Is good with the last version ;)
Welcome, Canary is under testing so whenever you observe any issue, make sure report it using the feedback option.
the problem is present with Windows 10, but not with Windows 11
Make sure report it in the affected product (using the feedback option).

Hey there @tistou! It looks like you might have seen this come back (or caught that it was happening on one device only), if you get the chance it's worth confirming your extensions, as well as if this is limited to a specific file type or site. Also, make sure that your crash from edge://crashes was submitted! =)


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The problem only appears with Windows 10, any type of file, and no extension
And no information in edge://crashes

I'm staying with version 98.0.1100.0 for the moment (not the title bar color bug with Windows 10 and 11 and not the "Save As" bug with Windows 10)

I would retest to be sure I only have one PC running Windows 10 (the others running Windows 11)

I have the error messages in edge://crashes, but as soon as I click on Report, Canary closes on its own

"Local ID": "a7daa91a-3a9c-41d4-82c9-244bce8421c0",
"Upload ID": "a7daa91a-3a9c-41d4-82c9-244bce8421c0",
"Bucket ID": "23402b792a909a8b247b21350b8c2c69",
"Cab ID": "",
"Capture Time": "mercredi 5 janvier 2022 à 07:01:49",
"Upload Time": "mercredi 5 janvier 2022 à 07:01:49",
"State": "Signalé",
"Application Name P1": "msedge.exe",
"Application Version P2": "99.0.1125.0",
"Module Name P3": "msedge.dll",
"Module Version P4": "99.0.1125.0",
"Module Offset P5": "108453216",
"Process Type P6": "browser",
"Sub Code P7": "0xc0000005",
"Stack Hash P8": "0"

I was able to reproduce the problem, it is when I try to download an .xml file (no problem with an archive for example)

Now I have Canary which closes itself when I want to download a .rar or other file (last version of Canary) in addition of .xml files
Tests are not done before distributing the versions ?
Good news - the fix for this is on the way! Thanks for reporting and for providing the crash bucket info =)
Thanks for info and you're welcome