Improving security and productivity: Securely save files from Microsoft Edge on mobile devices
Published Mar 08 2023 11:22 AM 10.3K Views

Thousands of enterprise customers globally entrust the Microsoft Edge mobile app to keep their data secure and protected while browsing on mobile devices. Today, we're announcing a new way for users to download and access files securely on mobile devices, beginning with version 111 of the Edge mobile app. Instead of downloading and saving files locally on mobile devices - which can put enterprise data at risk - users can now securely download and save files from the Edge mobile app to OneDrive so they can access them later.


Previously, customers with high bars for security fought potential data leakage on mobile devices by blocking users from saving files to local device storage. While secure, this was not ideal for users. We heard time and again from customers that their users needed a way to save files without compromising security. Saving files to OneDrive (instead of locally) offers a simple solution that allows users to easily save, access, and share files from the Edge mobile app while respecting security parameters set their enterprise.





This new method of saving files joins other Edge data security measures such as the Edge mobile app's coverage under Intune’s App Protection Policy (APP) and its limited sharing of browser data only to other protected Microsoft 365 apps, such as Outlook and One Drive.


We encourage you to try this in your enterprise with your users today. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Pre-requisites to use this feature.

  1. Users need to log on to the Edge mobile app with their Azure AD accounts
  2. Intune admins need to assign Intune App Protection Policy (APP) to users
  3. If you have set “Save copies of org data” as Block, you need to allow OneDrive


Refer to links below for more information about protection policy.


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