Edge 97 starting automatically at logon

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With the systems in my enterprise updating to Edge 97, all of those that have updated are now automatically launching Edge at logon.


A scheduled task seems to be initiating this.  I'm assuming the prior versions also received this command to check for updates but didn't launch edge to do it?


Disabling the scheduled task MicrosoftEdgeUpdateTaskMachineCore fixes the issue.  Pushing out this disablement is not easy but I think I came up with a script to do it.


Will this be fixed?  I certainly hope this is not an intended "feature".  Are there reprecussions disabling the task MicrosoftEdgeUpdateTaskMachineCore?


UPDATE:  The problem is now worse than discovered.  On some machines another task is created, almost the same name but now it's individualized, each machine is unique.  For instance, I just came across a machine which has the previously mentioned task and another that is named 


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Hey there @ToddFuhrman! Thanks so much for posting, the team is investigating this issue with MicrosoftEdgeUpdateTaskMachineCore launching the browser unexpectedly. Currently, they don't need any additional information, but I will ping you back here if there's anything they need to help the investigation. Some folks will be seeing an option to "Always open Microsoft Edge when you sign in to Windows" on edge://settings/system, if your machines are seeing that setting you can disable it for now while we investigate this. 


Thank you! 

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I have not seen that option yet on any systems I've personally looked at. FYI, I've researched and tried all of the available options which are available (boost, continue running background...., the restart apps in User Account settings, etc.) Many GPO settings tried also. We are predominately Windows 10 21H2, but have a few other versions of 10. Only a couple at 11 so far in our domain. All versions are afflicted. All running Enterprise version. About 800 machines. We're a school district and many teachers are remote, we're a mess already, definitely don't need this. Although it's harmless, it's confusing to some as to what is going on..
Oh absolutely, it's especially confusing for folks that don't have Edge as their default browser and we're aware of that too. The team is working on a code change for this that should go out with the next update, and I've shared this thread with them as well as other feedback we're getting.
  1. @Alexandra-R  Our company (3000+) see the same issues..
  2. We also get a edge browser while logging in.
We're seeing the same thing for any user with a logon script specified in AD on the profile tab.
Created a logon script that just opens a CMD window, this causes Edge to open.
A blank logon script doesn't.

@MikeM65 Some more info:

Created a logon script BAT file with one command that runs notepad, this opens Edge when the command that runs notepad opens in a CMD window.

Recreated this script as VBS which doesn't use CMD to run the command and Edge doesn't open.


Are there any time-lines that we can expect a fix for this? Any kiosk machine at e.g. a hospital will be affected once they choose to update if there's no solution in place to block edge from starting on these kind of machines. Customers using software that uses the shell key to start a custom shell (Ivanti Workspace Control, Liquidware Profile Unity, Thinkiosk, Citrix desktop Lock) are affected if they allow this version to be installed.

Found a workaround.


AutoRunOnLogon = 0
Please fix this issue!!
I've pushed this out, works for me even with the affected task being enabled.
That is the first thing that finally worked!! Thanks!!

@dennis_van_dam wrote:
Are there any time-lines that we can expect a fix for this?

Hey folks! We're working on getting the fix for this out, and I'll follow up here when we have a firm timeline and version for release.

Thank you all so much for the reports and confirmations on this. 


Hi! Thank you for acknowledging this issue. We are considering implementing the workaround as mentioned above, but we would prefer to wait for Microsoft to formally fix this behavior if the wait isn't too far away. Can you please provide an ETA on when we could expect to see your update with a firm timeline and version number? 


@Bart-V We added that early this morning to our KB too (LinkToKB) works like a charm, can be injected during logon using our product. Because all our customers are affected we provide this feedback but push our customers to open a case with MS and also explain them with reproduction steps that it's not a bug in our product.

Hey everyone! So sorry for the delay in updating and not being able to provide a firm timeline. A few different moving parts were at play here, and I've now confirmed all fixes are in the process of rolling out. Edge version 97.0.1072.62 contains the fix and will be installed per your regular update policies over the next day or so. If you'd like to force the update immediately, you can head over to edge://settings/help in the address bar or Settings > About Microsoft Edge and trigger the update manually. 


If you've made any registry edits or GPO changes as mitigation, you can revert those after the update!


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@Alexandra-R I get some people here that are reporting the issue again :(

tested out and i can confirm..