Edge how to Always open favorites in new tab?

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i just want left click  to open favorites

in the new version he was removed?


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LOL, we want the SETTING, as most browsers have, and haven't had an issue with, some for 20+ Years that I've been using previously, aka Maxthon

And again of course, the Setting is GONE yet again, and of course it's STILL not been put on my WORK browser, and I can't set the below workaround on it. The absolute incompetence of those who work at Microsoft.

Don't get me started on Windows 11 Start Menu, literally UNUSABLE for power users, the junk useless Explorer Menu Ribbon, the missing functionality of the Taskbar, how we like to show our Windows, Right Click Menu issues, etc.

Anway, the "workaround" here works still.... Put this at the end of the Target Field when you right click Properties on the Edge Shortcut Link.




still works for me:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --enable-features=msFavoritesOpenInNewTabSetting


sometimes it disappears, and I have to shut down MS Edge COMPLETELY (in task manager processes as well), then start it up again, and when you right click the favorites folder, you should see a checkmark beside "always open favorites in a new tab"   





This does not work on any of my 7 computers. Fresh restart of computer and NO edge running and click on the short cut on my desktop and it does not work.

and you added/edited the target line in MS Edge properties to this?


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --enable-features=msFavoritesOpenInNewTabSetting

Yours could vary differently, but the key part is a space before the --enable- and no space after the single dash - 

Even on a fresh restart, you have to be SURE there's no sign of MS Edge working in processes under Apps in Task Manager.  It works on all 3 of my computers.  

It works for links in folders but since an update in January, it doesn't work for links which are not in folders. There are 4 versions of Microsoft Edge (official, beta, dev, canary) and none to satisfy my needs. tiring



here's my version, just done minutes ago:  Version 121.0.2277.112 (Official build) (64-bit)

All still working, and even links out of folders, so not sure why the difference.  

 How is this still not a thing in the settings? I mean it's such a basic feature. Every single time I see a post on Twitter from MS saying how user-friendly Edge is blah blah, I ask them about this and they never respond. It's quite pathetic really. 



I know what you mean by having it by default in the settings with no edits, but once you do get the edit working, it shows up in settings!




It's surprising because I have exactly the same problem on my edge version on my work computer. I added this :
and I have the option activated but only the favorites in the folders open in a new tab. At home and at work





all I can think of is we have our Favorites set up differently.  I've always had mine in their own Favorites folder FIRST, then I put everything in there.  The only one I leave outside in for Bing, which I hardly ever use, but it does still work with opening new tab.  And as said, ALL shortcuts in folders and on their own in my Favorites folder open in a new tab.  Other than that, I have no idea why yours is different.  It's not surprising that both work and home do the same thing, as Edge syncs everything the same. 



and here you can see that only the Favorites folder and the Bing shortcut is all I show on my Favorite Bar. 




I have the same problem as you and it has been reported and they are looking into it.
As for @Jawzzy you are opening your fav's from the bar, but you are doing through the "Manage Favorites" page, which all favorites do open to a new tab. But if you try from the bar without doing through the "manage favorites" page, the Favorites not in a folder on the bar do not open in a new tab. Only favorites within a folder on the favorites bar open in a new tab...

Thanks. I feel less alone :)

Just wait for them to fix the problem

yes, the picture was from my "manage favorites" page, but that was only to show how I had created my favorites setup.  I still do open from the bar itself as seen here.




@Jawzzy Things have changed since my original post. I use folders extensively for organization and back then there was no difference where the shortcut was stored. Apparently now, I checked, shortcuts in folders do open in a new tab. 

I'm trying to use edge as my main browser. But it is impossible for me to open favorites that are not in folders in a new tab... I see that it is a generalized bug. If anyone knows the solution or with which specific version of edge it works, I would be very grateful.



Right now there are 2 things you can do.
1. If you have a middle wheel on your mouse, pressing down on it while hovering over the Fav icon will open it in a new tab.
2. Right clicking on it will bring up a menu which you can choose the top item which is open in new tab...

That is it for now as I believe they are working on it. At least that is what I've been told...


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P.S. This Macro stolen from @Allen

For now I press the CTRL key before pressing the favorite



all I can suggest is to make sure you have the command line edit correct (what you read here may need to different on your machine depending on the specific folders, ie: x86 or not, drive letter, etc.  Once I got my exactly right (spaces vs no spaces as I described above), I've had it working 98% of the time, and a quick complete shut down restart of Edge fixes it every time it disappears. Working on all 3 of my computers now. Good Luck!

@Dennis5mile OMG!! You have saved my sanity! I have been looking for a solution to this issue for well over a year now trying to find an extension in the Chrome or Edge stores that will do this (can't believe none exist, BTW) or to tell me where I overlooked this in the Settings... (again, I REALLY can't believe this is not an option as is evident by this and many posts I've seen requesting this feature!) or even a way to make this change in the config settings, but to no avail. This is something that is EASILY accomplished in Firefox and has been for as long as I can remember (that and Colorful Tabs which is STILL not a thing in a Chromium-based browser and I am not sure why that is either, but I digress...) and I have been going mad trying to figure out how to accomplish what I thought should be relatively straight-forward. The only caveat to this that I see since I added this option is it appears to add to the amount of RAM that Edge uses, but we'll see if that is a major factor.


Again, thanks for this! Though I'm sure I will forget it's there from time to time and still right-click, I'm glad I no longer have to!

Microsofts Incompetence on this and SOOOO many other things just astounds me....
Just updated my Win11 Laptop, and this feature STILL isn't in Settings.

STILL have to add the stupid workaround!!! :(

Oh, and guess what, now I can't get the Workaround to WORK.
Shutdown processes also, but it STILL won't work...  I truly HATE Microsoft.


UPDATE: Okay, so for those who are having a problem with the Workaround now even when closing all the processes, it appears the "fix" is to either use Edge Beta, and the workaround appears to work, or Disable in SETTINGS "Continue running background extensions and apps when Microsoft Edge is closed"

This also removes an Edge Icon in the bottom right area of the Taskbar.


So, when I did this All Process FINALLY actually CLOSE when closing the browser as they should.

Anyway, what's so far worked for me....  What a friggen nightmare trying to troubleshoot this to get it working again.  :(

Again I HATE Microsoft, their incompetence knows no bounds.


And to further complain... STILL want my Win10 Start Menu and Explorer Menu Bar back....  We should at least be given these "options" in Windows Pro.....  But noooooo, can't actually have Pro features in the Pro version of Windows.  FYI, I have over 100 Programs, all Organized, Sized and Grouped how I like in Win10.  11's Start Menu is literally UNUSABLE...for me!!!!!  :(