Edge how to Always open favorites in new tab?

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i just want left click  to open favorites

in the new version he was removed?


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I don't see this option available in the current Dev build either. However, it's there in Canary Version 112.0.1671.0. So, as it stands, the feature should be included in the next major Dev build. 


Yes!  Please bring this switch back!!!  It drives me crazy to always have to remember to right-click first and select Open in New Tab.

Yes please! Bring it back. To be honest I can't believe it took them so long to add such a feature anyway.

This feature is not enabled by default even on canary 112.0.1683.0 and it is enabled by the Experimentation and Configuration Service(ECS). Those who received enablement configuration from MS server can use this feature.
To enable it manually, add command-line option "--enable-features=msFavoritesOpenInNewTabSetting" to the shortcut.


@atlanto Cheers for that. But how can I do that on a Mac? I'm new to macs and have no idea where to start,


 I stand by my earlier comment though, it's ridiculous that this option isn't available as standard.

Yes, I would love to have this back as well. As of Version 112.0.1713.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) it is nowhere to be found.... Not even sure why they removed it...

As of Version 112.0.1713.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) that feature is no longer there...


@Visliar    yes,这是真的很恼火,之前还是有这个功能的,不知道为啥又把它取消了!

YES... This missing Feature is literally one feature that prevents me from using the browser.

BTW, if they are adding it, it should open a New Tab, but SHOULD NOT if the New Page/Start Page is the one that's opened. This Tab SHOULD be "replaced" when opening a Favorite.

This literally worked.... Thanks for this.

For those who want to know how this works in Canary, just:
- Right Click on Carnary EXE Shortcut, go to Properties
- Go to Shortcut Tab, should be selected already.
- Put this in the Target field...

"C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\Application\msedge.exe" "--enable-features=msFavoritesOpenInNewTabSetting"
Of course the above UserName will be yours.

Start the browser, and the Selection option will be there in Settings under Appearance, already selected.

For now I just right click on the favorite I want to open and then click on open in new tab, Just an extra click so no big deal but yeah definitely we do need a feature to directly open in new tab with left click


That's the long way around to add that line........  You only need to do a couple right clicks and add that line and your done.......  go here and here and here is the long way.....  

Right click the shortcut, right click the "microsoft edge canary/or what ever version name" your using, select properties add that line without the " s, to the end of the line in the tab "shortcut" and in the line that says "target" add that line to the end of it and your done..... if your browser is open, close it then restart it.  Now your good to go...


"YES... This missing Feature is literally one feature that prevents me from using the browser."

Really, this missing feature prevents you from using the browser?  WOW!



@Dennis5mile If MS rewards wasn't so well integrated into Edge I'd stop using it as well because of this missing feature. It took me ages to get used to it being missing after switching from Firefox, then as I get used to it when it was added, they go and take it away again, 

 It's a basic feature that has been in other browsers for years, yet MS still seems unable to add it permanently. 

Yep, it and a couple of others....
There have just been other browsers that have paid attention to little conveniences like this, so I've been using them instead.

For example, other than Chrome being a resource hog, I never used Chrome because they refused to add "Double-Click" to close tab, drag and drop text Search / Link Open, etc.
I've used Maxthon and 360Chrome for the last near 25 years.... Maxthon was actually the first browser to have so many little browser features like the above and otherwise, it originally was called MyIE2, and was a "shell" over Internet Explorer. It was a far superior browser.

It's unfortunate that they didn't go Chromium when they decided to create a standalone browser, cause they lost so much development time.
Edge seems like they are willing to add features people want, like they've added Double-Click to close tab finally, Open Favorites in New Tab, the way Tabs open, etc.

Oh, to give you another example, I want to use Vivaldi because it has so many features and configuration options, however like 3 seemingly little things I just can't stand. Like, I can't stand their:
- Menu Button on the Left top of the page instead of on the top right as ALL other browsers have it, just can't stand it there.
- Can't stand their "Ghost Favorite Icons".
- Can't stand they also have the Favorites Folder Dropdown on the Favorites bar show the Favorites in a "Single scrollable Column" instead of Multi-columns.

So, I think just those three things and I can't use the browser because I can't stand those things so much, I've been using better browsers in relation to those aspects for near 25 years. I just can't use something "lesser".


Anyway, Edge is having a similar problem, a couple of little things, which are BIG to me, I just can't use the browser, even though it's a FAR better browser than say Maxthon currently is, same for Vivaldi.

So, "little" things like this thread is about, are things I NEED fixed, so I can finally switch to a truly professional browser.

At the current time I must be having a extremely bad senior moment, along with me having the pressing thought of my upcoming cardiologist appointment on tues. 03/07 due to the fact I suppose of my recent echocardiogram that the preliminary result came back labeled as abnormal. So with that being stated, could you PLEASE elaborate as to exactly add to the shortcut line in the properties area of the current version of edge I'm using (Version 111.0.1661.27 (Official build) dev (64-bit). Thanks in advance if you decide to respond back to me, like other users have stated, I'm just hoping that the edge browser doesn't continue to become more and more bloated with items that people really don't want.



Ok, first
1. Wherever your shortcut to which ever version of edge your using is, right click it

Screenshot 2023-03-05 065255.png


2. on the next screen that pops up after your right click, right click the name of the edge version you are using.
Screenshot 2023-03-05 065429.png


3. After you right click it, another popup will show with the name "Poperties" on it, click it.
Screenshot 2023-03-05 065556.png


4. on the next screen that pops up make sure your on the "shortcut" tab section at the top of that screen/window. and where it says "target" is where your going to add this "--enable-features=msFavoritesOpenInNewTabSetting" line at the end of what is already there.  Do not replace what is there, just add to the end of it without the quotes..

Screenshot 2023-03-05 065708.png


5. Now after you add that line, look at the bottom of that window and you should see the word "apply" click it.

Screenshot 2023-03-05 065940.png

6.  After you click "apply" click the word "OK".  
Screenshot 2023-03-05 0659401.png

Then if you have your edge browser open, close it and restart it.  If you don't have it open, then just start your browser and you should be good to go.  


After you open your browser you will need to right click on a favorite you want to open and verify that "always open in a new tab"  is checked and if it is not click it to place a check ✓on it.  After you do that you should then be good to go for all favorites you open there after..... 


Hope this helps

I wish that worked for Mac's as well.

@Dennis5mile Sometimes it will fail after closing the entire browser.

You need to close all edge processes and restart it.